Academic Courses

Islamic Culture and Society

o Arabic Language

o Religion and Society in Middle East

o Islamic Literature

o History and Culture of GCC

o UAE Studies

Business in Middle East

o Business Practice in UAE and GCC

o Islamic Banking and Finance

o Legal Environment of Business

o Real World Business Solutions

o Business Policy and Strategy

o Principles of Islamic Economics

o Ethics and Islamic Values in Business

o Islamic Banking and Finance in Practice

o Ethics and Islamic Values in Business

o Islamic Financial Contract

o Islamic Financial Instruments

o Special Topics in Islamic Finance

o Business and Government

o Independent Study


Entrepreneurship and Innovation

o Entrepreneurship Management

o Family Business (The Next Generation)

o Principles of Entrepreneurship

o International Entrepreneurship

o Small Business Management

o Entrepreneurial Finance

o Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

o Entrepreneurship

o Digital Entrepreneurship

o Entrepreneurship in the New Economy

o Business 1: Ideas and Business Planning

o Business 2: Technology-enabled Launch

o Entrepreneurship and Innovation

o Public Sector Leadership and Entrepreneurship

o Independent Study



Academic Courses


Students select all of their courses (Maximum of 15.0 credit hours) from STUDY.DUBAI website for approval from advisors of home university.


All courses offered in English by internationally accredited universities.


All courses conducted onsite and taught by PhD Faculty from Western Universities.


Co-curricular course related activities include meetings at government organizations, business incubators, international conferences, museums, and STUDY.DUBAI social events.


Course summaries and syllabi are available before matriculation.

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