STUDY.DUBAI is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness and participate in a truly unique multicultural synthesis of knowledge creation, technological innovation, and entrepreneurial risk-taking. Students are selected from around the world to experience this unique ecosystem, learn from distinguished faculty, interact in multicultural environment, and gain practical experiences and valuable networking for launching future small-business ventures. Students will have opportunities for mentoring, observing entrepreneurial  projects  in  real time, and even ‘pitching’ entrepreneurial business proposals to ‘Angel’ and Venture Capital investors. Not to mention the amazing educational and social opportunities offered by such unique events as GiTex Expo, Artificial Intelligence Summit, Knowledge Conference, Global Village, and Expo 2020.



STUDY.DUBAI students will learn the importance of personal as well as social networking through many sponsored events and informal meetings. Students reside in the same housing complex which provides greater opportunity for collaborating on their academic studies,  entrepreneurial  projects,  and unique  social experiences.



Students have an option for an internship during their STUDY.DUBAI program. It can be a traditional “corporate” internship with a successful company or a unique experience with a “start-up” company. Also, internships with start-up incubators and accelerators. STUDY.DUBAI counselors will select and supervise the internships throughout the duration of the program.



Dubai in general and STUDY.DUBAI in particular embraces entrepreneurial students and aspirants from all backgrounds and personal interests. From  projects  that seek to improve quality of life of the poor and promote sustainable economic development to new medical, engineering and financial interconnectedness, STUDY.DUBAI encourages the imagination and creativity of a new generation.



STUDY.DUBAI offers opportunities for specific entrepreneurial foci with field-trips to different incubators, accelerators, investment firms, government agencies, and university programs. Special field trips for learning about unique entrepreneurial niches and groups such as challenges and opportunities of a new generation of female small business leaders.


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